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IT IS A GREAT THING TO KEEP YOUR LASH EXTENSIONS CLEAN. Some people are not educated on the importance of keeping your lashes clean after you have gotten them done. Well I'm here to help you out.

Imagine the cloud of dust you walked through hours ago, or the eye boogies from your lovely nights slumber, or how about that left over makeup you thought that makeup wipe removed just living in your lashes. Your natural lashes and lash extensions can hold dirt, debris, and even bacteria daily. Not cleaning your lash extensions can also cause premature shedding. And who wants to lose their lashes before its time?! I know for certain no one would want to deal with any health issues this could cause such as irritation, allergic reactions, infection, blepharitis, etc.

Blepharitis is very common infection that causes inflammation of the eyelids with flaky scales on the lid and lashes. Some of the symptoms may be burning of the eyes, crusty eyelids, itching, swelling, and in some severe cases blurred visions. If blepharitis or any infection occurs lash extensions must be removed and that person should be seen by their physician.

You can clean your lashes with Dazzled Vanity Lash Shampoo or diluted baby shampoo.


1) If you are wearing makeup, use an oil-free makeup remover and remove the makeup from eyelids

2) Take a clean brush or micro brush applicator with the lash shampoo and gently clean in a downward motion.

*Note Do Not use a cotton swab or face cloth because it will tug on the lashes

3) Rinse with fresh water

4) Dry and gently brush.

It is normal if there is a little fall out during this cleansing process don't panic. Make sure you keep up on your lash appointments so you can keep your lashes full and beautiful. And remember keeping your lashes clean will save you money and a trip to the eye doctor :)

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